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Great Shapes for You


Repetition is a great beauty trick. Your face tells the story about the right shapes for you. You will look well put together when your jewelry reflects the shapes of your face, your eyes, and your nose and mouth. By doing this, you are simply repeating Mother Nature’s unique work of art – YOU!


For instance, if you have a long oval face, then your use of long oval hoop earrings, pendants, and other design components work best for your natural shape. These reflect your face and therefore are more balancing for you than round or square shaped jewelry. When evaluating the shapes of your features, you may notice that you have a long oval face with round eyes and a triangular nose. In this case, you can wear a combination of these shapes.

I often hear, “my face is so round, I need long oval earrings to balance it out”.

Remembering that the goal is to create balance and harmony with yourself, sit in front of a mirror and try on shapes congruent with your features.

Ah……now doesn’t that feel and look great!

Your face is the first feature that people notice, and by accentuating your face, you invite the world to see your true beauty and your authentic self.