Closet Consult

Enjoy a closet that is filled with clothes that work for you!

Shop in your own closet! I will help you make the most of your wardrobe by putting together easy go-to outfits from what you already own, all for the cost of one pair of designer jeans!

During this 2 hour session we will:

  • Put together clothes and accessory combinations you may not have tried.  I will photograph these outfits for your future reference.
  • Look at items that you either don’t wear or are not worth building outfits around. Together we decide to edit out what doesn't work based on your individual coloring and body type.
  • Go over how to “save” items that might not work for you but that you are not ready to let go of.
  • Discuss simple tools that will make your future shopping trips easier & more successful. For example: what necklines, fabrics, silhouettes etc. are flattering for you and why.
  • Create a shopping list of important basics to enhance your wardrobe.

This is a very helpful and informative exercise that can open your eyes to a new way of looking at yourself and what you wear.   

My hourly rate is $120/hr. Although it's not required, I highly suggest, especially for first timers, purchasing a 2 hour slot for this service. We will get a tremedous done in this time and you will be amazed at the value that it will bring to your wardrobe and your ability to put it together!

Tap in to your authentic beauty and power through intentional dressing! 

* Please note – I will travel up to 25miles from Novato at no charge.  Additional travel time is billed at half my hourly rate.

Closet Consult


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