Personal Shopping

Save yourself time, energy, and a great deal of money!

When choosing clothing or any aesthetics for you, I address your whole being.  I look at your personal coloring as well as refer to your features, body structure, and the amount of complexity of your character and energy. Yes, your walk and talk actually influence what clothes and accessories best work for you.

A few things we will discuss:

  •      Whether your ideal fabric should drape on you or be more structured
  •      How much simplicity or complexity you can have in a print
  •      Which silhouettes are most flattering for your body type
  •      What shapes are best for your accessories, handbags, and prints
  •      What necklines are best
  •      How much visual “weight” you can handle – silk vs. cable knit etc.

Learn the many aspects of your personal design while finding some fresh additions to your wardrobe or home that you may not have picked on your own!  If you prefer to shop online or via catalogs, that can also be efficient and rewarding.

My hourly rate is $120/hr for either shopping experience.

I also offer the Quick Check service for a professional opinion of your own finds.

*Please note – I will travel up to 25 miles from Novato at no charge.  Additional travel time is billed at half my hourly rate.

Personal Shopping


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