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How Big Can You Go?

The intention is to support and accentuate your beauty in a way that the world can truly see you and not be distracted by your accessories. 

If your jewelry is too small for your proportions, your beauty and magnitude becomes diminished.

If your jewelry is too largefor your scale and proportion, the jewelry will overpower you and the world will notice only your jewelry. 

Calculating what is the correct size for your jewelry is not based on how tall you are but instead on the proportion of your head to your height.

  • If your head is small in proportion to your height, small accessories work well for you.
  • Choose medium accessories for a medium head to height ratio.
  • Large accessories are best if you have a larger head for your height.

There are other factors in determining the appropriate size of jewelry for you, but this is a great starting point.

The goal is to for your jewelry to be a harmonious balance with yourself so that your true nature and beauty can radiate.